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You might not always agree with me, but you'll respect my logic.

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My name is Julio Izquierdo and was born and raised in Queens, NY. I'll keep it short. You might not always agree with me, but you'll respect my logic.

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True Blue has some truly high expectations posted on 09/23/2011
              The nhl season's right around the corner and the NY Rangers are looking to start strong. Expectations are much higher this year as the team has had one of their quietest but most succesful offseasons in recent memory. With the young core of home bred talent and leadership hitting their stride and coming to full maturity, whispers are starting to get louder about the solid squad these Rangers have. With basically one player's health in question (Staal), the Rangers are aspiring to finish the reagular season with home ice advatage to start the playoffs. They needed a quality first line center and they went out and signed the prize of the offseason free agents. They needed some toughness, went o

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NY Knicks - When the going gets tough, Melo gets going posted on 02/23/2011

     Any basketball fan can tell Melo didn't have his BEST game. But the final game stats read 27pts., 10 reb....A double-double.....ON AN OFF NIGHT!!

     The night that was billed as Legend's Night from the start of the season....actually started the way it should have. The introduction of a future legend in his prime. Complete with a laser light show and all, this was a superstar coming home. This Knicks team still has to learn how to play something called DEFENSE. The fact that this team needs a defense tutorial might be an understatement. But we'll dwell a little more on this glaring hole in their game at some other point. Probably right after next game! But tonight belonged to Melo.....This man closed the show the way a rock star closes shows. He hit the important couple shots that need for a W. That's what we like here Melo. A winner. 

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