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Born in New York, I am a big fan the Knicks (still), Yankees, Rangers, and Giants. I'm a writer, so I'm combining my interests into this killer sports blog.


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Stacked to the Rafters - posted on 02/03/2009

Tonight the Rangers will honor long time Ranger great Adam Graves for his role in the 1994 Stanley Cup run as well as his outstanding community service that has endeared him the the City of New York over the past 20 years. Graves scored over thirty goals five times in his ten year career with the Rangers including his memorable 52 tallies in the '94 run to the cup. It wasn't the stat line however that made Graves a revered member of the Blueshirts, rather it was his grit and toughness that the Garden faithful came to expect from the Rangers during those magical runs into the postseason. Graves brought the heart and soul to the once feared ice between 7th and 8th avenue. He helped make the Garden what it is and will always be remembered as a champion on Broadway. 

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New Year, Same Problems posted on 01/05/2009

Happy 2009 Hockey Fans and welcome to the 3 month home stretch that will take us into warmer weather and Stanley Cup Playoff Hockey. What does this mean for our Broadway blueshirts? Nothing you didn't already know. The Rangers welcomed in the new year the way the left it by dropping a heartbreaker to the Washington Capitols on gasp! a short-handed goal by Alexander Ovechkin. The loss dropped the Rangers to third in the Atlantic and sixth in the Eastern Conference. The Rangers sit in a virtual tie with New Jersey and remain only seven points ahead of the struggling Penguins who seem to have a case of finals hangover. If you watch the games, you don't need me to tell you the problems for the 325897023498 time so let's call this Jared Trumpetto's Recap/Projections....

1) A miserable power play will continue to separate the Rangers from the elite teams in the league. At this point, I can't see this problem getting corrected. It has been a nagging issue since the lockout and the idea that the Rangers coaching is going to turn this around is far fetched. Either the system is flawed or the players aren't executing the system - the only constant has been the coaching. They just better hope that short handed goals don't keep compounding.

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Do You Think They Heard Me? posted on 12/17/2008

I want this column to be as positive as the Rangers Tuesday night win in Anaheim so I'll get the jokes out of my system. Can a power play be anymore pathetic than giving up two quality short-handed opportunities before breaking an 0-19 slump by scoring a goal without the puck actually trickling over the goal line? If you didn't watch the game last night, then you missed Nikoli Zherdev getting taken down on a breakaway and being credited with a power play goal. Good Lord...I guess beggars can't be choosers.


Just as soon as I finish ripping the Rangers for not putting forth a full and focused 60 minute effort they come out of the gate on their three game road trip with a fantastic road effort. We finally got a glimpse of what this talent can be capable of. The Ducks (17-11-3) were 7-3 in their last ten games going into last night's game and had been playing some solid hockey. Additionally, they are just the kind of team that torments the Rangers. They play tight defensive hockey with the ability to turn defense into excellent transition offense in a flash. These are typically the type of games that have the Rangers down early after they have pressed and pinched for goals only to get burned on a quick rush up the ice by the opposition. Last night however, they looked like a polished playoff contender.

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Lack of Consistancy and Poor Focus Point to Coaching posted on 12/14/2008

First it was the power play, then is was occasional lapses in defense, now it is simply pervasive. While the Rangers continue to register shootout victories, having not registered a regulation win since Nov. 6th against Tampa Bay, they've also begun to lose focus from night to night. They consistently allow teams to open up early advantages and proceed to claw back from these deficits to either lose in regulation or win in a shootout. With the big contracts and top line talent on this team you have to start looking at the coaching. It's one thing to get outplayed, it's another thing entirely to look sluggish and unprepared. I see a team tripping around the quarter pole of the season. The Rangers have managed to develop very little chemistry in their offensive and defensive pairings, a direct result of Renny's insistence on shuffling the line-up card. His same philosophy based in rotation has managed to suffocate what should be an explosive power play, a unit that has struggled all season long, especially over the last month going just 2-24 with the man advantage in December. This isn't a new problem either, if it was just this month, or even the first few months, you could chalk it up to the prolonged draughts that plague all hockey teams at one point or another, but this problem dates back seasons. The power play is, and will continue to be the number one factor keeping the Rangers stuck in the second round of the playoffs.

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Hate to Say I Told You So........ posted on 11/24/2008

A little past the quarter pole and the landscape of the Atlantic Division has changed drastically. Suddenly, the division is wide open and the Penguins and Devils are well within the Rangers rear-view mirror. CAUTION: OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR. If you blinked you missed it quicker than a Rangers Man Advantage.

The Broadway Blueshirts are 4-5-1 in their last ten games, the worst ten game stretch of any team in the Atlantic Division. They've dropped the last two contests to Vancouver and Ottawa and have proven that they can't finish teams off in regulation. Should I harp on the Power Play again, or go over Tom Renny's line match-up mishaps? Sometimes teams need to prove that they can go through prolonged stretches of offensive woes and defensive let downs, but the Rangers are beating themselves.

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